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Post by RICKI » Sun Oct 29, 2006 6:46 am

Hi again everyone,
I just thought I'd leave a quick update here to let everyone know how we're getting on with our IVA.
Well..... I've posted over the last couple of days about this, but ironically I have indeed found out that I'm pregnant! I say 'ironically' because I posted this original message on 14th August and found out I'm pregnant on the 21st August.Hmmmmmm!!!!
To be honest, I lost a baby last year (in awful circumstances) so I'm so happy that things have worked out with this pregnancy. I do know that it's going to be hard with this baby - With our other 2 children, we had all the 'mod cons' that they could ever need, a wardrobe full of spanking new clothes and loads of toys but let's face it, it was all bought on credit (mostly Mothercare and Next storecards and numerous credit cards). This time, we're going to have to be so much more careful but we'll make it work. This baby will never be short of a mammy, daddy, brother and sister who love him/her to bits so does it really matter if his/her vests are from Next or Primark??!!
I do still have sleepless nights as I worry about things (like how 5 people will fit into a 2 bedroom house!) and how the hell we're gonna afford Christmas and birthdays but now I can see the very faint light at the end of this very long tunnel.

I thought I was heading for a breakdown last month... My husband changed jobs and due to the different dates that both companies paid his salary, he lost about £500 from his pay. But, you know what? We tightened the belts even more (God I should be a size 8 by now!!)and we got through it. Thank God for Asda!!

I've also realised that (as we're about to pay our 3rd IVA payment), WE'RE 5% THROUGH THE IVA!!!!!! Always look on the bright side of life, eh??!![:D]

I've said this before and I'll say it again, the help, advice and support that I've received on this forum has been second to none and I cannot thank everyone enough for listening to me whining. Typical Geordie eh, I cannot stop talking!!!

it's so good to know that we're not the only ones in this blooming awful position and that other people know exactly how we feel. I regularly look at this forum when I'm having a 'bad day' and it's so good to see how people are progressing through the IVA process. And can I tell you a secret:...[;^)] I'm actually quite enjoying knowing EXACTLY how much we have to spend each month, and the feeling of knowing that no bills are gonna drop through my door is unbelievable!!
We'll all get through this and, although I wish I'd never had the need to find this forum, I wouldn't want to share it with a lovelier bunch of people.

You're all fantastic! Okay, I'm hormonal and very soppy but I do mean it...!

Thanks everyone again,
Erica. x


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Post by iva_squirrel » Sun Oct 29, 2006 10:29 pm
Hello Erica,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Becoming pregnant is a joyful time, but for many it can be overwhelming with so much to do and think about especially if you are on a tight budget.

Children might be priceless, but raising them certainly isn't. But you don't have to be rich to raise a happy family. You just have to create a budget and stick to it. You already mentioned afew very good tips and brands, thank you for that.

Good luck with your pregnancy and enjoy your baby. I think you'll find that these worries pale into insignificance when he or she arrives.

All the best,

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