2 Years Left - Struggling

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Post by Aceshigh1993 » Thu Jul 07, 2022 9:31 am
Coming up for 3 years on my IVA, 2 left, providing they don't extend it.

Really struggling with anxiety about a review that I need to complete. I'm fortunate enough that I've secured myself a decent job with decent pay, but I'm petrified that they're going to increase my payments from £125 a month to upwards of £500. or even more, if they deem that my disposable income warrants it.

I suffer from depression and anxiety and as such, I've not been as active with my IVA as I should be. I was with Freeman Jones for the first 3 years, and I stupidly ignored the reviews.

For better or worse, I received correspondence a few months ago that I've now been transferred to Creditfix. This transfer may well have saved me from whatever Freeman Jones might have done considering my outstanding reviews, but I can't outrun Creditfix until the end, nor would it be in my interest to, despite my fears.

Truly, I've treated it like a direct debit and I've ignored it.

My overall debt is negligible compared to others. probably about £8k overall. Sometimes I find myself feeling sour about the length of time I've put myself through this anxious journey, just for a number on a computer.

No one human being in these gigantic (and predatory in some instances) companies would be affected if my debt just vanished off the face of the earth tomorrow, yet here I stand spending every quiet moment worrying about failing the IVA or paying so much into it.

Of course, it's all a problem of my own making, and I realise that, despite how entitled I might sound about taking responsibility for it. I know an IVA is a good thing when you really think about it, yet it's been so hard at the same time.

Just needed somewhere to vent. Anyway, here's to two more years


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Post by Parki1979 » Fri Jul 22, 2022 10:13 pm
What reasons could they have to extend it as long as you are making your payments?

I do not suffer from depression but I buried my head in the start and pretty much made poor decisions and did not do enough research, but I suppose it is a natural response to a situation that is fearful to push it away. I suppose by doing so it is not making good financial decisions and I could have got a better deal. I didn't ask nowhere near enough questions, and wasn't pushy enough to get more of what I want. I feel it was part of that phrase of my life though, in the last year I have had 2 big payrises and promotions at work and I have shown more interest in finding out about my IVA and how it work. I suppose at times things just click differently in your mind and you lose a lot of the fear that holds you back in life. I think the main thing you need to do is to not beat yourself up and knowledge is power.

As with my payrises which were considerable for me, it is a kick in the teeth and you are likely to lose a good chunk of it, perhaps it is hard to take, but as Foggy said to me on here, it is part of things and something to look forward to when things come to an end. I am sure you will get more and more as the new job sounds like the first step of your journey. Even if it feels like you are not as better off because of the IVA, you just need to try and think of the bigger picture and plan for your freedom.

2 years for you and 11 months for me, but at least the end is in sight. Just make sure you ask questions with how much you will be allocating of your new salary and make sure you understand things. Keep asking questions on here for things you do not understand, as it will give you extra reassurance.

Good luck, just keep at it and look forwards, and do not dwell on past mistakes. You do sound similar to me, so if you ever need a pick me up I am around. Just can imagine the anxiety makes you worry, but I think it is about doing what is in your control and somehow accepting what has to happen.
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