What happens to debt when someone dies? The Protocol for Debts when someone passes away

What is the Estate?

  • Debts are retrievable through the estate.
  • Any assets or money left behind.
  • The debts do not move personnel unless another individual has signed a personal guarantee.

Two Types of Tenancy For a Bought House

Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common

Areas Covered

  • Joint Tenants:
  • Tenants in Common
  • Can an agreement be made to stop the property being sold?
  • Is it an issue if my name is not on the mortgage?
  • Is it possible for an individual residing in the property, to occupy the tenancy?
  • If I succeed the tenancy, am I accountable for the rent arrears?
  • Informing The Department for Work and Pensions
  • Notifying the Council
  • What if I cannot afford Funeral Costs?
  • Who is accountable for the Energy bills?
  • Who is accountable for the Water Rates?
  • Who is accountable for the Council Tax?
  • Who is accountable in the case of a hire-purchase agreement?
  • Who is accountable for any debts by credit card, overdrafts and catalogues?
  • Sorting out Bank Accounts
  • Sorting out Savings
  • Sorting out Pensions
  • Sorting out Life Insurance
  • Sorting out Income Tax
  • Personal Representative
  • Probate

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