Setting aside a CCJ factsheet

Under what circumstances will the judgment be set aside in the County Court?

If the original claim form was not received due to moving house and the form was sent to the original address.

In some cases an error appears in the judgment.

You have built up a defense case against the judgment and have not had the chance to put this forward.

If any proceedings did not comply with court regulations.

Areas Covered

  • How does a default judgment come about?
  • Should I have had a default judgment?
  • Under what circumstance will the default judgment be set aside?
  • Can the Default Judgment be set aside if I did not return the reply form?
  • How does the Application Process take place?
  • Where does the hearing take place?
  • What is the fee for an application?
  • Is there a case where the hearing is not necessary?
  • What is the Installment Order?
  • What does it mean if the judgment is set aside?
  • What can a credit repair company do?
  • How do I apply for an exemption for paying the application fee?
  • What circumstances mean an exemption is permitted?
  • Can I request the fee to be waived?

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