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IVA Wizard

Use IVA Calculator - this quick 30 second tool to establish which debt solutions are right for you and whether an IVA is the right way of resolving a debt problem. This is a quick way to find out roughly what your options are. You should only use this as a guide though, seek professional advice after use.

IVA Forum

Over 60,000 posts and 4000 members. A card of 20 established experts and a community of people undergoing IVAs. This is the best place to share your stories, answer your questions and air your concerns.

Visit: IVA Forum

IVA Blogs

Blogs (online diaries) of people undergoing IVAs. This is a great place to see how other people dealt with their debt problems.

Visit: IVA blogs

IVA Events

Find out the latest IVA events. The frugal friends meetings happen once a month around the UK, this is social relaxed meeting to discuss how to save money, use money more effectively and generally budget better. IVA questions can also be answered here. The Debt debates happen once a quarter and are high profile events that attract many experts from the industry, everyone is welcome but please book your place using the form available.

See: IVA Events

Insolvency Enquiry Line

If you have a general query about insolvency you should contact the Government Insolvency Enquiry Line

Get details of: Government Insolvency Enquiry Line