IVA Calculator - Do I qualify?

  • Write off 90% debts
  • From £80 a month
  • No setup fees ***

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Write off upto 90% debt from £80 per month

5 star IVA.co.uk's review on Trustpilot Read our reviews

How does IVA Calculator work?

  1. Enter your total debt, number of creditors, monthly income, monthly expenses and home ownership details in the form above.
  2. Based on the details you provided, IVA calculator will determine whether you qualify for IVA or not.
  3. It will also calculate the amount of debt you can write off with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement - IVA.
  4. Our IVA calculator will also email you the results, so that you can use it in future for decision making.
  5. We do not charge any setup fees.

Basic criteria to qualify for IVA

  1. Your total unsecured debts are £6,000 or more.
  2. You have 2 or more creditors.
  3. After all your necessary expenses are covered, you have a monthly surplus income of minimum £80.

It is possible that some other debt solution is best for you, to know Call our 24 hour Helpline or Ask our experts

Before you start an Individual Voluntary Arrangement - IVA, please read: IVA FAQ - Detailed and IVA Pros and Cons

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