Guide to Student Debts How to deal with student loan debts?

Construct a Budget Sheet

  • List out all your expenditure and income.
  • Time frame you wish to budget for, by term or by month.
  • This prevents you from missing any key payments.
  • Contact your Student Union or Student Finance to find out about average student expenditure costs.

What to look for when choosing a Student Bank Account

  • Overdraft fees - interest free to what level of debt.
  • Any interest that may appear due to overdrafts or loans.
  • Does the account become suspended after your degree?
  • If the account continues, what are the differences between a student account and a graduate's account?

Areas Covered

  • What type of Loan and what amount can I receive?
  • is the maintenance loan?
  • What does the grant help with?
  • Who are the Maintenance Grants aimed at?
  • The 'Welsh Assembly Learning Grant'.
  • What is the minimum salary that enforces you to begin paying off your student loan?
  • Does the loan get written off after a period of time?
  • Does the loan get written off after a period of time?
  • Is there any other finance assistance I could apply for?
  • Are there particular grants or scholarships associated with certain degrees?
  • Are there any Welfare benefits I can apply for?
  • Do Universities ever give out grants themselves?
  • Are there loans for specific courses that will directly help me get a job?
  • Do I have to pay council tax as a student?
  • What types of debt could I receive at university?
  • What are the punishments for accumulating these debts?
  • How long is a tenancy for University accommodation?
  • Can the University charge whatever tuition fees they want?
  • Is my Overdraft a priority debt?
  • Should the house bills be in joint names in shared accommodation?
  • Which bills should be the priorities?
  • Do I need a TV License even though I live in halls?

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