Britannia Hotel, Manchester M1 3LA, 25th of February 7pm


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I took the train up to Manchester Monday afternoon and was hoping for our best ever frugal friends turn out.My very first frugal friends had been in Manchester,same venue,some ten months before and I had one couple turn up. I was really keeping my fingers crossed that forum members Mr and Mrs Skint would come and I wasn’t disappointed as they arrived a few minutes early.We soon got chatting over a drink and I was amazed at how Lisa and her husband had coped with all that’s been thrown at them,Lisa has MS and her youngest is possibly autistic.Bearing in mind that they have also been through,and successfully concluded,an IVA you can only admire them.

Melanie and Andrew Graveson arrived next and had driven from Wales,Andrew was on soft drinks only so I quickly asked the hotel to cancel the extra brewery delivery that they had lined up for the evening!! John and Gwen Tegg then came down,having checked in earlier,and as I was getting the drinks in, Ian Millington arrived, followed shortly by Mike[Size5].

Finally one of John's business associates joined us,he specialised in web optimisation.So all in all there were ten of us,the best turn out to date.

Conversation covered all areas and it was interesting to have Lisa and husband John there to answer questions from Melanie about how they first came accross the website and nice to hear that they got their idea for a full and final settlement directly from advice given by Melanie on the forum.Lisa was also glad to meet Andrew who had arranged the remortgage for their full and final.

Both Ian and Mike came across very well during the evening and are both genuinely concerned with the ever changing debt industry.

It really was a great evening and although Melanie,Andrew,Lisa and John had to leave,as they were driving back,myself,Ian,Size5 and John Tegg continued to chat and drink right through until close to midnight.I lost count of the times I heard ‘let’s just have one more.

Adam Davies