London Frugal Friends Club 3rd July 2007

Central Park frugal friends

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The London Frugal Friend's meeting went very well, with a turnout from forum members including Dominic, Brian Baker, Ray and his wife Kathryn, all regular posters. The event was held at the Central Park Hotel in London.

A broad discussion took in all areas of the IVA process - Brian's experience was particularly valuable, as he has worked in the banking industry and was able to provide an insider's perspective. We then moved onto discussion of people's personal IVA experiences. We all wished Ray luck, as he was in the midst of a full-and-final settlement proposal to finish his IVA once and for all, and gave encouragement to Dominic, who is nine months in to his IVA and coping well.

As always, it was good putting faces to members of the forum community, and left me looking forward to the next event.