IBIS Hotel, Mill Rd, Shipley, BD18 3ST 7PM


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Well this meeting was by far our best attended with a whopping 27 forum members,partners and experts turning up.The IBIS hotel didn’t know what hit them !!!

Those who attended were......... Myself and Bev,Melanie along with Angela and Sarah from her office,John and Gwen Tegg from Coveritall, Paul Johns from Reviva, Gavin and his wife Donna, Moneystinks and partner, Debbie[Soulgrowth], Angie[Aguise]and hubby Steve[very well behaved], Mr and Mrs Skint,Viki.w and partner, Pixie, Angela18 and partner, Plec and partner, Dee and partner and finally James C popped in with some lovely pictures of his twins.

It was difficult to keep up with everyones drinks needs with so many attending but Mel’s Angela did a great job in helping me.
Aplogies if anyone was left waiting for too long.

The evening started in the bar/lounge area and once everyone had arrived we moved to the breakfast area and enjoyed a small buffet.We formed a seated circle so that we could all have a good chat.Admin had kindly printed off some name badges[forum names only]and this made it easier to remember who was who.

We chatted about how easy it was to get into debt,the ease of how credit card limits are increased,at what point we realise that there is a problem,how long it takes to do something about it,how to go about contacting a provider,the various solutions available,the waiting for the creditors meeting,what to do if the proposal is rejected,annual reviews,how to deal with having no credit and only using cash[infact the hotel would only accept payment of a room with cash if someone had photo ID !!!],how to deal with the constant phone calls etc etc.

Many people were interested in how the forum first started and how busy it has become. The evening was really informal,a bit like a school reunion meeting and I hope everyone felt at ease.For those members attending for the first time it must have been really nerve racking but I hope you found that it was worthwhile.

For me the evening was great success,when I think back to my very first meeting in Manchester last year where only one couple turned up we have certainly come a long way.I feel as if I am talking to friends that I have known for ages
I hope that frugal friends continues to grow and continues to bring together people who have so much in common.

Look out for details of the next one,sceduled for September.

Adam Davies

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This Frugal friends meeting is sponsored by Melanie Giles