Birmingham Frugal Friends Club

Britannia hotel,Union St, Birmingham B2 4RX, 29th March 08, 7pm


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Well on paper this had the makings of my best ever attended frugal friends meeting with fifteen people confirmed,and I wasn’t disappointed as all managed to attend.

Now I had changed the day for the meeting from the usual mid week slot to a Saturday eveing[thanks to Aguise for suggesting] and this was probabaly the main reason for the great turn out,however what I hadn’t factored for was just how busy the area surrounding the hotel would be[it’s located right in the main city centre].

We had used this hotel before and it seemed fine,although it had no parking it was just by the main train station however most people chose to drive and the lack of nearby parking and horrible weather made getting to the venue an adventure in itself.

John and Gwen[Coveritall] arrived early and nipped out for a Pizza, followed by Debbie[Soulgrowth] and then myself and Bev.Pixie[anna] and Emma T followed soon after and we settled down for a chat over a drink.

I had checked at reception about the hot and cold buffet and was told that the restuarant were expecting us and to go in when we were ready,I also gave them my business card and asked them to direct anybody looking for Adam Davies or mentioning to the lounge area upstairs.

Gavin and Donna arrived next followed by Ang[Aguise] and Kris[Lilly],we all chatted about life in an IVA and how people were finding it,most were coping well and that was good to hear.

New forum member Gavin arrived next[totalgav] followed by Paul Johns[Reviva] and Martin.By this time we had taken over the lounge area and had used nearly every seat and sat in a big circle.Everyone seemed to be relaxed and chatty and before we knew it the time was approaching 9pm.

Melanie arrived,having been held up with heavy traffic and parking problems,after getting her a drink I went to check on our buffet only to be told that the restaurant closed at 9pm and that they could not find us,so had packed the food away !!!

Now as we were virtually the only ones in the hotel lounge/bar I found this amazing,but after a brief conversation they agreed to keep the restaurant open and serve our buffet.

Well words can’t describe what we were offered,bacon,scampi,chops,grated cheese,etc etc.Very poor to say the least.

I felt sorry for Melanie as she was sponsoring this part of the meeting and after the long jouney must of felt extremely angry,she went to speak with the duty manager whilst the rest of us made the best of the offerings.

After being told that we had to be out of the restuarant by 10pm we gathered again in the lounge and continued the meeting right through until gone midnight.All areas of insolvency were discussed and time flew by

Kris[Lily]had kindly arranged for a bouquet of flowers to thank Melanie,on behalf of us all,for her continued support and for sponsoring the buffet.

It really was an excellent and very enjoyable meeting,despite the problems,and I am already looking forward to the next one.

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This Frugal friends meeting is sponsored by Melanie Giles