Vanquis CC - why have they generated me a Purchase interest of £140 (in statement) when my balance was/is £0 ?

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Post by flamingate » Mon Jan 01, 2024 7:37 am
Vanquis CC - why have they generated me a Purchase interest of £140 (in statement) when my balance was/is £0 ?

To cut a long story short, my Vanquis balance was around -£4500 in November/December.

I wanted to make this balance £0, to clear it all off so Paid + £4500
from my bank online banking to the Vanquis credit card.

Vanquis received it, and balance was clear.

I thought I would do this BEFORE the next statement date because the balance would then be £0 when generating the new statement = Hence the Interest would be £0

Why would there be Any interest generated on a £0 balance?

(Which I cleared by paying the £4500 payment online)

But when I received my next statement AFTER this £4500 had cleared then they showed a purchase interest of £140 (which I have not paid off yet)

Balance on CC at this point is

Here is a Quick calendar: - (I have tried to be as accurate as I can)

Statement Generated date:
10 DEC 2023

Payment Due date:
6 JAN 2024

Original balance on CC Vanquis (in early December 2023) = -£4500

4 Dec 2023] PAID £4500! (online bank transfer)

10 Dec 2023= Statement comes, and shows = Purchase Interest £140 (on statement)

- but why?


So the main concern is Why have they generated purchase interest of £140 when my balance was £0 ?

and what can I do about it?

can I get them to look into it, and make it £0, so I don't have to pay it?

I haven't paid the £140 back yet by the way.

Thank you xx


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Post by Breezy » Mon Jan 01, 2024 9:59 am
Interest on the £4500 from Novembers statement date until the latest statement date / payment date ??

Yes, you can ask Vanquis for an explanation. Statements are often slightly adrift from real time, which might account for some of it and, if so, they will adjust.
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