Factsheet on the limitation act and its application

The act was set up in 1980.

It portrays the rulings over a creditor regarding the length of time in which they can attempt to retrieve a debt.

The length of time applicable can vary depending on what the debt relates to.

Areas Covered:

  • Using the Limitation Act with unsecured credit debts
  • How to make the creditors aware you are using the Limitation Act
  • The Office of Fair Trading Guidelines
  • Complaints
  • Complaining to the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Does a CCJ affect my ability to use the Limitation Act?
  • The Limitation Act with Council Tax
  • The Limitation Act on a Community Charge
  • The Limitation Act on Mortgage Shortfalls
  • The Limitation Act on Income Tax and Vat
  • The Limitation Act on benefit overpayments and social fund loans
  • Does the Limitation Act apply to Student Loans?
  • Old Style loans are consumer credit agreements.
  • New Style loans are income contingent student loans.

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