Factsheet on magistrarte court fines

What does the magistrate court fine for?

  • Driving Offence
  • Ignoring a fixed penalty notice
  • Order a payment to an injured party or award fees against you.
  • Television Licensing.
  • Withholding any information regarding income and expenditure when asked to provide it.

Areas Covered

  • When is the fine determined?
  • How are the magistrates' court fines collected?
  • The Collection Order
  • What if I cannot afford to pay the fine?
  • What if the fines officer rejects my offering?
  • What will the fines officer do if I do not keep up with payments?
  • Why would my fine be dealt with by the County Court or High Court?
  • What is a Clamping Order?
  • Can I prevent the sale of the vehicle?
  • What happens if the officer registers my fine on the Registration of Judgments, orders and fines?
  • What are the rules on Bailiffs collecting my goods to settle the fine?
  • What can a Bailiff charge for?
  • What can I do if I am unable to make my repayments ordered?
  • Is there further punishment if I do not attend the hearing?
  • What should I take to the hearing?
  • What are the potential outcomes from the court hearing?
  • At what point does the court have authority to order imprisonment?
  • Which circumstances would result in a prison sentence?

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