Income generation DIY debt solution

Summary: This paper encourages those in debt to explore all avenues of income generation in order to meet debt repayments.

Minimum payments

Often interest rates are such, that making minimum or contractual repayments on debts is not enough to bring the overall debt down. This is especially true of credit and store cards, catalogues and of course, short-term loan companies. Maintaining the minimum repayments is of course a good thing, but if this is all that is repaid, the debt could last a very long time - in some cases, forever! If there is any way of increasing the repayment level, the actual capital owed can be repaid rather than just servicing the interest.


Easier said than done, but it may be possible to look to increase income through overtime or even discussing pay options. Some people decide that a second job is necessary at least for a short time to boost the finances. Explore income generation websites to find out more about market research or reviewing products that can generate much needed cash. Mystery shopping is another option that will increase income.


Not possible for everyone - but make the spare room pay with a lodger or a foreign-exchange student. Again, it needn't be for life, but for a fixed period to enable you to get on top of the debts that seem to have you trapped. Utilising the spare room is one option - or making use of a car parking space, garage or even car can generate funds.

Be creative

It may require "thinking outside of the box" but check out the list at - a host of ideas from dog-sitting to ironing services to providing answers to online questions for companies. Seasonal jobs, medical research/testing, exam moderation are amongst a long list of possibilities.


When was the last time we reviewed our pricing policy? Small increases can generate enough to increase debt repayments which in turn will allow us to attack the all-important capital component of the debt.

The above is provided as information only. does not provide debt advice. You must always seek professional advice before taking any action to resolve your debts.