Debt Week: S.A.F.E. (Struggle Against Financial Exploitation)

Struggle Against Financial Exploitation

As part of Debt Week, S.A.F.E gave a presentation at the Regus Liverpool Street Centre. They explained the results of their findings over the last 10 years and revealed the financial exploitation that is going on in this country. SAFE revealed the malpractices of personal and corporate banking, including falsifying signatures, illegally passing on customer details and unfairly loading account profitability, all illustrated by live case studies.

Speakers included

  • Lord Nazir Ahmed
  • Elaine Williams (SAFE)
  • Rob Owen (SAFE)

More about SAFE:

SAFE is a company limited by guarantee and has developed from the original SAFE, (Struggle Against Financial Exploitation), group which, over a decade ago carried out various demonstrations to draw attention to how both the banks and other governing institutions were seemingly condoning systemic fraud and deception upon unsuspecting individuals throughout the UK.

SAFE has been accepted as a Parliamentary Working Group, to highlight the serious issues raised in the cases that have been lodged with the group, we also provide credible statistics to enable Members of Parliament to ask questions in the house, table Early Day Motions in an effort to bring forth answers from those responsible for the control and policing of banking, financial services and the judiciary.