Debt Awareness Week (29th Jan - 2nd Feb) held the UK's first Debt Awareness Week from 29 Jan – 2 Feb 2007.
Consumer groups, MPs and debt consultancies alike backed the initiative.
Events took place throughout the week and received attention from national press.

The key event was The Great Debt Debate on 1 Feb as high profile figures gathered in Canary Wharf to take questions from the press and general public.

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Debt Day Monday 29th Jan
Neil Hamilton

11am: Exclusive interview with Neil Hamilton:

A personal story of bankruptcy.

1pm: IVA TV Debt Surgery:

IVA TV launched their first ever debt surgery programme, taking questions from the public about their debt problems. The programme gave users a chance to have their questions tackled by a card of experts:

  • Elaine Williams, Director of SAFE (Struggle Against Financial Exploitation);
  • Richard Reid, Psychologist at Pinnacle Therapy; and
  • James Falla, Director, Author of Debt Book and TV Debt expert.
Awareness Day Tuesday 30th Jan
Benjamin Fry

9am: Exclusive interview with Benjamin Fry:

Why and how people get into debt.


11am: Raising Debt Awareness with the Public of London:

1000 debt books were donated by James Falla and handed out in central London warning of perils of careless budgeting.IVA TV captured peoples thoughts on debt and budgeting

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1pm: Struggle Against Financial Exploitation:

Presentation from S.A.F.E. at the Regus Liverpool Street Centre. SAFE drew attention to how both the banks and other governing institutions seemingly condone systemic fraud and deception upon unsuspecting individuals throughout the UK. SAFE used the event to present their strategy for 2007 and to launch their new website.

Education Day Wednesday 31st Jan
Matt Buttery

9am: Exclusive interview with Matt Buttery:

The Importance of Debt Education.

11am: School Education :

Experts from the Debt industry visited schools to explain how important good financial management is.

1pm: Unfair Penalty Charges:

Stephen Hone presented case studies of individuals who have successfully claimed back £1000s in unfair bank charges using his advice and templates.Stephen also explained why these charges are unfair and what this means for the banking industry.

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Debate Day Thursday 1st Feb
Bishop Selby

10am: Exclusive interview with Bishop Selby:

The ethics of borrowing and lending.


11am The Great Debt Debate, chaired by Peter Hobday:

The debate, to be held at The Museum in Docklands, will be chaired by heavyweight Peter Hobday of Radio 4’s Today Program, who will invite questions from the audience.

Melanie Giles

Melanie Giles, an Insolvency Practitioner and authoritative voice on regulation, having worked at the forefront of the insolvency industry for over 20 years;

James Falla

James Falla, debt author with over 10 years experience as MD of a debt consultancy, also regularly featured on BBC as a debt expert;

Mark Hoban

Mark Hoban, Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury. Mark is a Chartered Accountant and previously worked for PricewaterhouseCooper.

Prof. Eric Pentecost

Prof. Eric Pentecost, professor of Economics and Programme Director for MSc in Economics and Finance at Loughborough University;

Action Day Friday 2nd Feb

9.30am: DTI Release Latest Insolvency Statistics:

The latest Quarterly Insolvency Statistics from the Government  were released (Friday 2nd Feb).

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Neil Hamilton

1pm: Exclusive interview with Dr Helga Dittmar:

Consumer Culture and Debt, where are we heading?