Council Tax Arrears Factsheet

Paying Council Tax Arrears

If there are outstanding payments, you must communicate with your local council on how to repay these debts. It is custom that any arrears are usually repaid within the current financial year, with the year-end March 31st. In most cases it is likely you will have to pay on top of your current monthly payments to relinquish the arrears.

Areas Covered

  • What if you can't afford the council tax arrears?
  • Stay on top of your Tax Bill
  • Discounts
  • Second Adult Rebate
  • The Repercussions of not paying the arrears
  • What is the Liability Order?
  • What is a Summons?
  • How to pay off the debt?
  • What if you disagree with the charges?
  • The Liability Order hearing
  • Can you prevent the Liability Order?
  • What does the Liability Order allow the council to do?
  • What is a charging order?
  • What else can the council do to get their money?
  • What is a committal summons?
  • The Committal Hearing itself
  • Can you prevent a prison sentence at this stage?
  • Can someone accompany you to court?
  • Committal Order has been made, what next?

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