Charging orders in the County Court

What is a Charging Order in the County Court?

  • A method of enforcing a county court judgment if you have failed to repay your debt.
  • The CCJ meant you had to pay off the debt by a particular date.
  • The order can be applied for if you have missed a payment required through installments.
  • The order ensures the debt becomes secured for the creditor.
  • A hearing will take place before the order is granted.

Areas Covered

  • How do you apply for a charging order?
  • The hearing for the charging order
  • Is there a way to prevent the charging order?
  • What if the debt is mine but the house is jointly owned?
  • I already have an installment order; can they still grant a charging order?
  • Do divorce proceedings have an impact on the charge order?
  • Can interest be added on top of the debt?
  • What are the effects of a Charging Order?
  • Can a creditor simply sell my home?
  • What conditions will the court then grant an order of sale?
  • What will the court be looking for?
  • Can I have the order discharged?

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